Sunday, April 11, 2010

Facebook Self Censorship

I am tired of deleting statuses in fear that someone will get offended by my thoughts, words, or views. I should not have to worry that my status will upset you. Why should I censor the things I am going to write on MY wall in fear that someone may read some hidden message between lines and become paranoid. I've deleted many statuses in the past thinking that someone will think poorly of me - SCREW THAT! I am me. I have crazy thoughts. I have fun times. I am raunchy and crass and silly. I am also very much a Gemini so the things I feel and say now will most likely change by the end of the day. I am very liberal in my thoughts and words but conservative in my actions. I refuse to continue to worry over how people will react to me. I have never been one to worry over burned bridges; I'm intelligent enough to learn to build a new one. If you don't like it, Hide me, or better yet just unfriend me, I doubt I'll even notice but even more so I promise not to care. If we are real friends you already accept me as is. If we're just acquaintances, I don't expect you to put up with anything you don't like so it won't offend me if we are no longer "facebook friends." I am not easily offended.


Funny how just typing this out last night made me feel better. I didn't post it at that time, but just getting the feelings out made me feel a bit like my regular self instead of the shadow being I had become.


  1. I agree 100%. What's the point of having a personal page if you can't say what you want or how you feel. I have lost friends on FB, like you said they weren't really my friends anyway. I have also heard from other people how so-and-so said this or that because of my status updates. Most of those people do not know me very well and they can always drop me if they're upset.

  2. Amen on that one! Personally, I tend to post whatever random thoughts that pop into my head at the moment. My mood and frustrations can vary from moment to moment but the people who know me, know that. I'm me. No apologies necessary. :)