Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Things I'll miss when I move. . .

I have decided to thoroughly depress myself by listing all the things I'll miss when I move. Yes, this could be a very pessimistic thing to do but meh I'm a Gemini - tomorrow I'll list stuff I'm excited about with the move.

I shall preface by saying these are in no particular order and I will be adding to this list randomly.
  • Using the "Big Chicken" as a source of direction. I don't really live near Marietta but there are several times a year that I find myself going there and of course when I do I always ask "where is this in relation to the "Big Chicken"?" For those sad folks who haven't had the pleasure of seeing the Big Chicken, first I feel sorry for you, second it's a KFC that has a HUGE wooden chicken at it's entrance. In fact you walk through the base of the chicken to enter the restaurant. It has big twirly eyes and a beak that opens and closes. Sadly I have never eaten at it BUT I have passed it many times. Just today I had to go a mile past it. Seriously that was in my directions to the motorcycle shop "One mile past the Big Chicken." Prior to moving up here I had only heard of it in an episode of Designing Women since then I have always wanted to use it as a landmark. Now I do and soon it will no longer be part of my paths.
  • The trees on Ridge Road. Yes I know that South Carolina has trees, but I have come to love the trees along Ridge Road. I feel them welcoming home as I drive down the road. I love to watch them change depending on the season or weather or their mood. I love the fiery reds of fall, the beautiful leafless bodies of the winter, their flowers in the spring, and of course the full foliage of summer. I mourn when I notice one has been removed by wind, rain, or man. I smile at them and wonder what they've seen today. I will have to meet new trees soon and start a relationship all over again.
  • And above all things - my friends. I will not list how amazing they are because I don't want to cry.


  1. next week we will go eat at the big chicken.


  2. your friends will still remain and you will make new ones as wonderful as you are. more importantly, perhaps that is where you are supposed to be next, for yourself and for others who need you. it be alright sugery. :)


  3. I remember crying my eyes out when I moved from New York City to Washington, DC. It is a beautiful city, but it wasn't mine. It didn't have Ray's Pizza, or Washington Square Park, or my friends.

    But, as Annie said above, my friends remained and we visit each other. It turned out to be the best thing that could have happened for the family.

    I still love NYC, but I also love DC.

    It's all scary for you and your family, but it won't be for long. You'll see. *hugs*

  4. We will remain. You just have to find lots of time to visit with us all. The laughter will always be.