Saturday, October 23, 2010

Wow, what a day!

Friday - October 22nd - An absolutely WONDERFUL day!

The day started at 5:30am after an interesting night spent on the floor of my sister's apartment. We (the Hubby, the children, and I) dressed and packed in the semi-dark then headed west toward Douglasville. Of course by then everyone was hungry so we had to stop at Martins for chicken biscuits. We arrived at my in-laws shortly after 7am to hellos and goodbyes from nieces and nephews heading to school. Hubby changed and headed back east to Decatur for an interview and I headed to Starbucks for much needed laughs and hugs from friends. My dearest friend gave me a ride to coffee and that's when the laughs started. They continued through the morning as we ( a group of six ladies) played a rousing game of Apples to Apples and annoyed many people with our obnoxious happiness. We were loud and crude and I'm sure everyone who passed by our table was terribly jealous of the fun we were having. After several hours of coffee, it was time for eyebrow waxing. Which means more gossip and laughter at the salon. This was followed by meeting even more friends for lunch at the Mellow Mushroom!
After my morning of fun, I met up with Hubby and the kids and we headed even further west to Bremen to see the newest members of the family - James and Jacob - The Twins (that's their title, it must be said in just that way "That's James and Jacob "The Twins"") After a nice visit with the babies we head back to the In-Laws where this time I stay and hang out while hubby goes off - don't worry he comes back with great things - NEW PHONES! We are now the proud owners of Smartphones :hoity: We don't get to play with them because by then it's 6pm and it's time to eat then head to P. B. Ritch's Fall Festival. It was GREAT. We walked in and from every direction it was HEY YOU! and Oh how we've missed you! and Come here, come play with us. Jasper immediately found his friends and took off to visit with them, we escorted the girls around playing the carnival games and laughing with friends. It was so fun and made me miss that school so very much. They are truly family. But the day had to end so we loaded up the car - now full with boxes of clothes from friends and yes, a bird, (we can't go anywhere without Addie bringing home a friend). The children were all asleep before we hit I-20 and the three hour ride wasn't that bad. We made it home by midnight. It was a very long, very happy day!
And now I'm exhausted by that great Pilot coffee has be wired and hubby is happily playing with his new phone.

It's days like this that make me happy to be me :)


  1. It all sounds so perfectly wonderful! Am glad you had such a day; everyone needs days that make them happy to be who they are. :)

    One day, I'll meet you and we'll laugh over coffee and play Apples to Apples (one of my favorites!).

  2. It was great fun and so awesome to see you! <3 We've missed you so much... and apples to apples is the greatest game EVAR - especially at Starbx over coffeh!! :big hugs:

  3. I loved reading about this day!
    You are soooo deserving of a day like this... and many more!

    I can't wait to sit down anywhere with you and laugh!