Thursday, February 24, 2011

Can I take my hat?

Monday, I went to my Bubba's  house (yes, I have a Bubba, I'm from the South - I have a Bubba and I am his Sissy (sometimes Sissy-head)).  I went to help him organize his garage - these are things that sisters do - organize their brother's life.  While cleaning, we found lots of old family items, one was a hat that belonged to my dad.  It's small so it must have been from when he was sick. My brother gave it to my son.  It's camouflage, wrinkled, dusty, but the fact that it looks kinda like Indiana Jones' hat makes my son happy.  Jasper LOVES it and loves even more that "It's been passed down through the generations."  This is something he discusses constantly. That HE is wearing something that my dad wore.  And that makes me happy.  The hat sits on his bedpost, every morning he wakes and puts it on while he gets ready for school.  Before the bus comes he puts it back on the post.  When he comes home, the first thing he does is puts the hat on.  It travels with him up the big ladder to the tree house and as he traipses down the creek.  Yesterday we had errands to run after school, first thing he asks is if he can take his hat.  Yes, baby, you can take your hat where ever you want.