Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I think I might've found my own kind of paradise. . .

There's a fairly new country song called "Knee Deep" by Zac Brown Band w/ Jimmy Buffett.  It's basically about the beach soothing his soul; has a funky little beat and a great chorus.  When I listen to it I don't think about the beach.  Don't get me wrong, I like the beach, but it's never been my paradise, it doesn't sooth my soul. No, when I listen to the song, I think of my own backyard.
      Jeff and I have always said that if we win the lottery we'd move to somewhere in the middle of our parents, so that we'd be equal distance from each side of the family.  It was always something we'd talk about but nothing we ever truly believed would happen.  The interesting thing about this last move is that it put us right in the middle of our parents.  It's as if Life finally said, we both know there is no way you'll ever win the big bucks, so here I'm giving you your prize without giving you the money.  And although it's not a mansion, it is a home I've come to love.  It is my own kind of paradise.

Wishin' I was
Knee deep in the water somewhere

got the blue sky, breeze and it don't seem fair
the only worry in the world
is the tide gonna reach my chair

Sunrise, there's a fire in the sky

never been so happy
never felt so high

and I think I might've found me my own kind of paradise


  1. It looks really nice where you live. Life is amazing. You ended up where you were supposed to be all along, even if, maybe, you didn't feel that way initially.

    Enjoyed the song!

  2. I miss our coffee-ing, but I'm so glad you're in a place you love! <3

  3. So lovely to find paradise where you didn't expect it!

  4. It is funny how life puts you on a path leads you to where you need to be when you didn't think you wanted to take that path in the first place.

    And Mayor - I miss our coffees too, it's been too long, I might have to make a trip across Atlanta soon <3