Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cause I know you all are wondering. . .

how life used me for goodness today - because lets be honest that's just mind blowing. And I'll also be honest and say that I know that not all of you are wondering just maybe one (Hi Mom!) PS - I'm gonna warn you know that I'm a true southerner so a story that could be summed up in a sentence will now take a very large paragraph - ENJOY :)

So my day started like any other - went for my walk as the sun came up, cleaned house, picked up the youngest from school for a doctor's appointment. After the appointment I thought I'd be a most excellent mom and take Nature Girl for some lunch at Chick-fil-a. Every thing was going perfect until we tried to leave. Evidently the car some how got locked - which is odd cause I never lock the doors cause I know that the alarm automatically comes on and my key controller no longer works to turn off my alarm.  Well just as expected I turn the key to unlock the car and the alarm comes on and of course everyone looks at me like I'm the dumb ass who can't turn off their own alarm.  The car won't start with the alarm going so I look under the hood (because I wanted everyone to think I knew what I was doing but really I was just hoping for a big button that said "turn off alarm here" - there isn't one.)  Luckily we are in the same parking lot with a Radio Shack and I had the brilliant idea that maybe my key controller just needed new batteries so the kid and I walked across the parking lot to try that - it didn't work. (now I have new batteries in a controller that doesn't work) I called the husband, cause he knows how to fix everything, and he suggested unhooking the car battery and resetting the whole system.  I was willing to do that but I had no tools in the car so again the kid and I walked across the parking lot to buy an adjustable wrench from Big lots.  (Remember folks the whole time this is happening the alarm is blaring and people are staring).  By the time I get back to the car with my handy dandy new adjustable wrenches the car is silent (which happens after the alarm has gone off for a while, but once I open the door the alarm is gonna go off again) only this time it doesn't!  It chirped twice and then gave up.  I was able to get in my car again! That's when I hear a voice behind me (and this is where I start being used for goodness) asking me if I'd help boost off a woman whose car won't start. I, of course, was willing to help because Life was just nice to me (after i spent $20 on stuff I didn't need).  So there we are, me and this young woman, trying to boost off her car and it didn't work. We spent half an hour trying to start her car but nothing was working.  Her battery was beyond dead and her kids were in the backseat crying. So I offered to give a complete stranger a ride home.  Which I think surprised her. and I'll be honest again and say that it surprised me too.  But I know what it's like to be stranded by a car in a hot parking lot with kids - it's not fun, and it's frustrating, and it feels like you've been kicked in the gut.  So yeah I gave her and her kids a ride home.  And no I didn't take the money she offered, because I didn't do it to get paid, I did it cause sometimes you've got to pay forward the blessings in life.

And now for my rant - Seriously MEN what's up with not helping women in distress?  Chick fil A is a very busy place at lunch time - construction workers, business men, your average joe - they're all there.  They all passed us.  No one offered to help two women with their hoods up.  Let me correct that - the only person to offer help was an old man who just made sure our connections were right then walked off mumbling to himself.  The only other man who approached us was the one parked beside me and all he did was grumble about us being in his way.  I know that just cause you have a penis doesn't mean you can fix a car but I've been around enough cars to know that they prefer penises.  I don't know what it is about a car but the penis seems to be the key to fixing them.

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  1. I know that just cause you have a penis doesn't mean you can fix a car but I've been around enough cars to know that they prefer penises.

    and this shall be inducted into the hall of fame of classic quotes.