Thursday, November 3, 2011

How I differ from other parents. .

I have a rule in my house - Don't take anything to school that you don't want to lose or have stolen.   It's a basic common sense kind of thing, children, even if they are teenagers, are gonna misplace, share, set down in the wrong place, or break something of value. It's what they do.  If a child of mine takes something they value to school and it gets gone, I don't care.  I tell them, well that's too bad - learn this lesson now.  I mention this today because I over heard a mother fussing about a stolen phone.  Her daughter took a phone to school and it was stolen.  And although she had no proof what so ever, she just KNEW who the culprit was and had already called the police and the district attorney who handles juvenile cases.  She was gonna get that girl. 
Here is my problem with that - Why the hell did her daughter have the phone with her?  Oh yes I'm sure I'm about to get all kinds of comments about how sweet little Susie just HAS TO HAVE her phone in school because of practice, work, "omg becky kissed johnny!"  And all I have to say to that is "waaah" - Parents across America attended school without cell phones, ipods, etc.  How did we communicate with our parents?  We made plans and/or we waited at school if those plans changed. The world hasn't changed so much that children have to have these items at school - they are a want, a luxury, and something to make life more convenient.  It's not a need.

Now I understand being angry that something was stolen. I get that no one has the right to take something that doesn't belong to them.  But I also am a big believer that most crimes are crimes of opportunity and if you don't give them the opportunity the crime won't happen.  There is a reason you don't walk down dark alleys or talk to strangers or take expensive toys to school.  It's also why on black Friday you are reminded to put purses in trunks and be careful in parking lots.  It's just common sense.  Why this woman isn't angry at her daughter is beyond me. Doesn't she have some responsibility? I'm not saying she should be punished (having her phone stolen is good punishment), but I think calling down the powers that be on a girl you have no proof against is a bit crazy.


  1. I am in total agreement. Also I refuse to get involved with every bit of drama between kids. And if they forget their lunch/homework/important thing I will not run it to them. Maybe they will learn to remember it next time. I am a mean mom. Oh, if their laundry is not in the basket on wash day--too bad.

    On the other hand I am always available to teach them new skills, talk about school or help understand their homework. (Unless it is math, then they are on their own) I only have 1 kid left in school now and I think I am sometimes a bit easier on her than the others. (Which the older ones are always eager to point out to me.)I am getting old and tired. LOL

  2. Oh I'm the same way when it comes to forgotten lunches or homework or projects. I feel if it wasn't important enough for you to remember, you must not have needed it.

  3. I completely agree. Kids don't need phones. At least not all the time and at school. And as for the mom "knowing" who did it, I hope police and the DA at least remember that whole "innocent until proven guilty" thing. Just sayin'.

    Freakmom, who rarely remembers to turn her Motorola flip phone on and doesn't even know how to text, and who found you via Smoked Pam. Nice to meet you.