Thursday, April 22, 2010

When Rape is inevitable

I have the best of friends and the tall one is excellent with sharing wisdom. She has recently imparted a great life lesson to me: When Rape is inevitable, lie back and enjoy the ride. This is EXCELLENT. I now think of it every time there is a bump in the road of life. We have absolutely no control over any of the important things in life. We think we do; we chose to have sex "safely" in hopes of preventing disease or children but alas those little buggers come through one way or another. We think if we eat right and exercise we won't get sick but many healthy people die everyday. We think if we are loyal and hard working our job is guaranteed only to show up to locked doors and a pink slip. So many times life throws us lemons but no sugar to make lemonade. Bills pile up, Loved ones get sick, Marriages fail, Businesses fold, People die; Life goes on. When bad things happen(and they are eventually going to happen), it's best to look for the little comforts in life. No one expects you to like having IV's stuck in your arm, but it's ok to enjoy the warm blanket and free coke that they give you while you sit alone. When RAPE is inevitable, lie back and enjoy the ride.


  1. Shocking as that sentence may be, I understand what the tall one means with that bit of advice.

    Life does go on, and to rail against those things that absolutely cannot be changed is futile.

    And I did like the comforts a nurse once gave me when I was all alone at a hospital.

  2. When she first said it I was taken aback by it, then once my mind processed it made perfect sense. So often we think we have control but really we are just pushed along into situations we never wanted to be in. Sometimes when we just give in we actually gain control.