Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Eye Update - 4/20/10

There will be two versions of this "report" the quick synopsis version for those who like just the facts and the southern story telling version for those who know me.

Just the facts:
Went to the Neuro-Ophthalmologist today, she says there is inflammation / swelling of my optic nerve. She will not guess to why this would happen but she wants blood work and an MRI. She gave me the option of either starting treatment now or waiting until my results come in before starting my treatment. I chose to start the treatment in hopes of getting my sight back quickly. I will have 3 consecutive days of IV steroids, followed by 6 days of steroid pills. I had my blood work today and will have my MRI on Friday. I will have another appointment with her next week to follow up and review the MRI.

Whole day story -
Day starts like any other day put kids on bus, straighten house, get ready to go. Mom and I decided to leave early in hopes of getting something to eat before arriving for the 10:15 appointment. Well as we are pulling out the driveway, I get a call from the office saying they had a cancellation and I could have the 9:45 appointment. This was perfect but only gave us an hour to get there. Now anyone who has driven near, through, or around Atlanta knows it takes a good hour to get anywhere so we had to forgo our plans of breakfast. Mom is, of course, driving so we have to follow her GPS who tells us to go on Bolton Road - this is one of those "no return access" roads and I have heard horror stories of cop shoot outs on this particular road. I immediately called my husband to tell him goodbye cause I knew this was a bad omen. Luckily, we made it to the hospital without incident but then we had to hunt for a parking spot. After finding one on the 4th floor, we discover we are in the wrong building and had to take 2 elevators and an orange hallway to the outside then walk around the building to the entrance of where we were suppose to be. After signing in and filling out all the necessary "first time patient" paperwork, we sat and waited. And waited And waited. Don't worry I was not bored, I played Simon on the Ipod and beat my high score so I felt productive. Finally the doctor called us back and she was oh so nice and very personable. We reviewed my medical history and she was very curious about my past MRI's and the spots on my brain. She dilated my eyes and had me do a peripheral test which I failed miserably. After examining my eyes, she confirmed that it was an inflamed optic nerve but did not want to guess as to the cause. She wants blood work and an MRI before deciding the cause. I had the option of starting treatment right away or waiting until those test came back and I chose to get the treatment ASAP cause I am not good with the blind thing. I will be on IV steroids for 3 days and pill form for 6. This will make me a Jittery, Mean, Fat, Insomniac but I will eventually get my vision back!

I would like to say a great big THANK YOU for all the supportive messages and phone calls I've received. It is so nice to be loved! <3

The rest of the trip was a bit exciting with a fender bender that caused no damage, getting lost (mother does not do well in Atlanta traffic/streets), being hungry (the visit lasted three hours so it was after noon by the time we got out), having to hunt for a lab for my blood work that had to be done before tomorrow's steroids, finally getting something to eat, then racing home to meet the bus. WHEW what an exciting day!

PS - I would like to give the disclaimer that any rude, mean, or otherwise offensive comments that may come in the next few weeks will be solidly blamed on the steroids!


  1. I am so... picking a fight.

  2. so you made it up to 5 on simon?

  3. I have always loved the southern story telling way! Even though I've never been to the south.

    Truman Capote's short stories about his crazy aunts, et al, always charmed.

    I would have chosen immediate treatment, too.

    So hope that this gets cured easily and quickly. And I won't care if you get cranky. I'll just give you hugs!

  4. Pam you are so lucky to be far away from me - You know better than poke crazy! LOL

    Marisa - thanks for the well wishes and the hugs! I have always had a tendency to ramble in both the written and spoken word.

    "Anonymous" - aka jonesy - I'll have you know I made it all the way to level 24 :P

  5. Saying some prayers and hoping your full recovery comes quickly! That sounded dirty....