Sunday, May 9, 2010

It can ALWAYS get worse. . .

Today is Mother's day. A day Hallmark has created for us to rise up and say "Thank you" to our moms. Well today kinda sucked. NOT because my children didn't say "Thank You." My kids are amazing and I am now the proud owner of a bird figurine, a Big hot pink piggy bank, a soap dispenser with three monkeys and swinging bananas, and a lava lamp. Yes, these are the things my children just KNEW I wanted and had to have. I am so loved.
Today sucked because sometimes life doesn't HAND you lemons, sometimes it hurls them at your head at a high rate of speed. Since my husband has moved two hours away for work, things around the house have decided to no longer work right. First my eye does it's crazy blind thing. Then his motorcycle died in our driveway when he was visiting last weekend. Then the washing machine decided to stop working, thing isn't even 18-months old. Yesterday, I drove two hours in a 20-year-old car with no air, no radio, and four kids, three of which were in touching distance so this means a fight ensued in the backseat. All the way to Augusta I envisioned riding home in my mini-van that has air, a radio, and space to separate the children. Well today the van died. The mom-mobile has given up the ghost on the side of I-20 in Aiken, SC. The old gray mare decided she would no longer haul us back and forth across the state. It'll cost too much to fix so it is being carted off by charity. I had to catch a ride back home with my sister who lives in Atlanta. She was kind enough to carry all five of us in her car that only seats six, has no air, a radio that skips on the bumps, AND the windows don't roll down. My son, who had to sit between my sister and I, who are not small women, said that he felt like a cucumber in between two squash. Yeah, I don't understand it either, but it was very funny at the time.

This is NOT the end of the world. This is an inconvenience, a major one because it means I am vehicle-less here at home, but still not horrible. In an attempt to get our spirits up my husband and I counted our blessings:
  1. Our children are healthy, yes one may have tics and speech problems, but they aren't sickly and we don't spend hours and hours in hospital rooms.
  2. They are good kids, they may fight with each other and drive me nuts but no one is in the principal's office or jail or failing or killing cats.
  3. Hubby and I are both relatively healthy, although I owe over $5000 for my renewed eyesight, at least I can see.
  4. We love each other. Really love and respect and trust each other. Several people have said that this kind of living separate lives either makes or breaks a marriage. I say pfft to them. We're solid. Marriage is wonderful and we are happy.
  5. He has a job. Yes it's across the state and is forcing us to sell our home and move, at least he has a job making enough money to allow me to stay home and be with our children
  6. We have a home. It's not huge or fancy, but it holds us and we're happy in it.
  7. We have people who care for us. Not only do we have family offering to help get us around town but we have friends who are willing to be chauffeurs for the week.
  8. No one is calling demanding money, oh we have bills, but they all are getting paid slowly but surely.
  9. and, best for last, I'm NOT pregnant. I'd rather roller skate through Walmart naked.

So I leave you with this:

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  1. <3 I'm here too, man! Let me know if you need anything! ::hugs::