Sunday, May 16, 2010

When I grow up I want to be like my daughter!

Today we had a meeting to discuss my daughter getting an "RTI" for speech. This is basically getting her labeled as needing help so that she will be able to get Speech Therapy. She has a severe speech impediment. It's hard for most people to understand her. I tend to act as translator whenever she tries to have a conversation with someone. I truly believe she thinks she speaks perfectly, everyone else are just idiots. She has to use a nickname, Addie, instead of her full name, Adwyn, because when people ask her name they never understand her version of Adwyn. On top of having a speech impediment, she also has Tourettes so she jerks her arms, twirls, and sometimes grimaces. When all this started happening I was worried about how the world would accept her. I was concerned she'd be picked on or treated differently by her peers. Boy was I ever wrong. My daughter at the age of 5 has successfully trained those around her to not only understand her language but she has also made Tourettes a contagious disease! She has girls twirling down the halls and boys jerking their arms exactly like she does. They don't pick on her! She's a trend setter! I've heard several people say that they can understand her more clearly, that the speech therapy is working, personally I just think she's taught everyone else to understand her language instead of learning theirs. My daughter doesn't change for the world the world changes for her! I want to be like that. I want to say F*** you world, this is who I am! Either be with me or get outta my way!


  1. Your daughter sounds awesome! You go, Adwyn - which is one of the most gorgeous names I've seen!

  2. I love your daughter! And I love that her strong momma has taught her change the world. Weird since I don't know you in real life but since we are really the same person in seperate states, I figure it is okay.

  3. Thanks ladies - I think she's pretty amazing!