Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's all in how you look at it.

I've been looking at life as half empty lately. I've been reviewing this year and thinking - "Seriously!?! when will it end!!" It seems like it's been a very rough year or has it?

Half empty list of how this year has been:
  • January - Daughter starts severe tics
  • February - Weekly therapy for said tics
  • March - Daughter diagnosed with Tourettes
  • April - Hubby moves out of state for Job
  • May - Eye starts going wonky - MRIs, rounds and rounds of steroids
  • June - Move in with mom
  • July - Van dies
  • August - move to new home in SC
  • September - Drunk Driver hits hubby over Labor day weekend
  • September - Company closes
  • October - Eye goes wonky again
  • October - Job hunt
  • November - House hunt
  • December - Durango Dies on side of road
Half full list of How this year has been:
  • January - met with friends for laughter
  • February - began getting more involved in PTA
  • February - had fun laughing with friends
  • March - Fun organizing PTA events
  • March - Ikea fun
  • March - Laughing with friends
  • April - "Move your crap Gail!" involving complete strangers in our fun at starbucks
  • May - Ya find out who your friends are - Lots and Lots of laughs at the hospital with friends
  • June - Summer at mom's house! The pool, the fun, get to be with hubby again
  • June - Daughter's tics become noticeably less frequent
  • July - Friend comes visits - fun day in the pool and hot fresh donuts!
  • August - A new home, lots of things to do, lovely house
  • August - School starts = Lunch dates with friends
  • September - A new car!
  • October - 8 weeks of alone time with hubby
  • October - Halloween; fun at corn maze, fun trick or treating in mom's neighborhood
  • November - Excitement of new home, new school, new job
  • November - Best Thanksgiving ever - lots of laughs with family and friends
  • December - the Best time of the Year! Kids excited for Christmas
  • December - kids love new school, hubby likes new job, I love the new house
No one was deathly ill, no one was in pain, and friends were just a phone call away.
Maybe this year hasn't been so bad :)


  1. You are so wonderful! And when you put it that way, the year really hasn't been so bad.

    Despite the setbacks, you show that you had love, laughter, and friendship.

    And that's pretty darn good things to add to the list. :)

  2. Perspective.. sometimes you just have to lie back and enjoy it.
    LERV u!
    P.S. I ran into the "move your crap guy" at Starbucks a couple weeks ago. He wanted to know if everyone was gonna be there that day. He referred to us as the "Laughing bunch"

  3. Had to add my word verification for this was: hormunes

  4. LMAO at hormunes and yay at seeing "move your crap guy"