Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2011 - Bring it On!

I'm sure somewhere there is someone pontificating on how one shouldn't do resolutions because they are just setting themselves up to fail. Blah Blah Blah Blow it out your ass. I'm doing a list of resolutions or as I see them "Goals for the Year."  Will I have guilt if I don't meet them? No, probably not, cause I very rarely feel guilty about things - life is too short to beat yourself up over things you can't change.  So I will make my list and I will try to accomplish something this year and I will be happy either way.
  • Let's start with the obvious and probably most common.  I will try to eat better and exercise more.  My goal is to be 50 pounds lighter 52 weeks from now.  That's a measly pound a week - shouldn't be too hard right? 
  • I resolve to walk to the end of the dirt road at least once a week - it's only a mile, just because it has that creepy old cemetery in the very middle of it will not deter me from my goal. But if those big hulking vultures are hanging around the old iron gate, I may turn around and head home. 
  • I will explore the woods with my kids! I will gladly stomp around in my new daisy rain boots and learn all the secrets the land has to share.
  • I will meet hubby for lunch once a week - we will have a clandestine affair in the parking lot - it'll be fun!
  • I will join my friends weekly for coffee somewhere in the middle - we will laugh and snort and make fun of others - people will become annoyed with our laughter and their jealousy will spill over in the streets. 
  • I will send more cards through the mail - people like getting mail, I like sending mail - it's a win/win plan. 
  • I will become craftier - and I don't mean sly (although that's a good idea too). I will make things with my creative mind and I will have fun with it. 
  • I will volunteer at school and in the community. 
  • I will not take myself too seriously and will remind myself to move forward and not get caught up in petty drama and silliness. 
  • I will blog weekly - some of it will be serious, most of it will be rants, and I hope to add some fun. 

What are your resolutions?  Do you have one that you hold more important than others? Remember only you have the power to change your life and you've got to start somewhere.  Have fun in the new year and may you find a reason to laugh every day!


  1. Love all your resolutions! Walking a mile (is that round trip?) is a good way to get exercise into one's day.

    Meeting friends, laughing and snorting with them, is the BEST way to spend part of a day. I have some friends here who are way too ladylike.

    My resolution? Aside from taking care of my health and walking every day is to find - and use - that power I have to change my life. Something I've ignored for too long.

  2. It's actually a mile and a half one way so it'll be three miles round trip (which is what I was doing when I walked the track SC). I too have ignored the power I have to change my life. I think it's time to take control of my life instead of just letting it happen to me. I want to be a participant.