Saturday, January 15, 2011

Guess what - It snowed this week!

 If you haven't heard, we were snowed on this week.  Lots and lots of snow. Here is the proof -
View outside our front door

Our Driveway Turn Around

That's a lot of snow for us southerners
On the walk to the dirt road

ooooh pretty
Playing in the snow!

  • Sunday - If you know my husband you know he loves snow.  When the weather man starts talking about frozen stuff, Jeff grabs the phone and sits by the window waiting for that first flake. His mother does the same thing. They call each other bragging about how they saw it first. Since I wouldn't let him wait by the window all day, we had to go do something to burn off his bent up "ITS-GONNA-SNOW" energy.  This is how we ended up at the Charles Elliot Wildlife Center, where we wandered around the woods for a while.  This did involve some panic when we thought the boys were lost but we found them so Yay life didn't suck that day.


  1. YAAAAAY SNOW!!! :oD can't wait for it to snow here again. though it probly won't now - it'll just piss it down till june. :o/

    love the beautiful heron! ^_^

  2. I'm snowed in... again today. Summer vacation is going to really suck!