Monday, January 24, 2011

Lessons from the Playground

I'm sure it's been said that children aren't as imaginative as they use to be, that TV and video games have some how sucked the ability to pretend right out of them.  Well that's a load of crap.  Obviously who ever came up with that theory has never sat at a playground during recess. I had the distinct pleasure of watching children play today and I can say that imagination is alive and kicking (running and screaming even).  There were all sorts of exciting things going on.  There were boys playing cops and robbers which evolved into a shoot out, where everyone died and the paramedics came in and brought them all back to life with the "poof" of their hands.  A group of girls were gathered at a table, only it wasn't a table in their mind - it was the beauty salon and they were the hair dressers.  One girl called out "Get your hair did, come on over we shampoo and cut!"  There were children being planes and some being dogs and others climbing to the top of the highest mountains.  One was running a soup kitchen where you could get your choice of soup, salad, or sandwich.  And lets not forget the vampires who made a loud screeching sound when communicating with fellow vamps.  Oh and the running, my god to have the energy to run like that.  They all had places to go and they had to get there fast and the joy on their faces to be let free from the class room to just run was breathtaking.  So no, I do not agree that modern day children don't have imaginations, I think modern parents just don't take the time to stop and watch their children play.


  1. This is so true. Take the kids away from there electronic toys and they break out in imagination. Ana's class used to have a convoluted game involving spies and a mole and other stuff I don't remember. They even included the teachers. The game would carry over from day to day. Now she is in middle school and recess involves more things like basketball and boy watching. LOL And yes, she still has recess. They call it outdoor curriculum development because the state doesn't allow time for recess in the 7/8th grade. Shh... don't tell.

  2. Love the spy game! Kids are so much fun. And I think recess is just as much for the teachers' sanity as it is for the kids'. I don't know how the teachers are expected to teach without allowing the kids to release all that pent up energy.