Friday, January 14, 2011

It's a new Year full of Changes. . .

I'm taking this blog in a new direction. Instead of being a place to contemplate the world at large, I've decided to make this a place to keep memories and moments of our lives. A weekly review of the things going on at home, school, work, and just general life. This change is due in part with our new life in the middle of nowhere but mostly because I am not a "deep" person.  I am shallow and easily distracted and I am rarely profound.  Most blogs I read are full of these great philosophical debates about love, death, hopes, dreams, and all the things that people wax poetic about.   I however tend to debate weather socks should be worn with rain boots and why it's a bad idea to go outside in the snow without a jacket.  I also have four kids who make deep thought impossible because no matter how important an issue I tend to (crash from the boys room, ARE YOU OK!?! - yeah) get interrupted by life.   I also tend to read blogs of writers - and writers are wonderful creatures who take you to these great imaginary lands where everything is possible.  And I am not a writer (and I say that not in the way most writers don't think of themselves as writers because of lack of confidence in their work but because I seriously don't have stories roaming around inside of me wanting to be told).  I am very rambly ( <-- not a word but I don't care ) and never stay on task.  I warn you all that from now on my blog posts will be mostly family related, will probably include photos from my life (and not great photos that you see on some blogs where the light hits the trees just right and the whole picture looks perfect, no these will be photos of dirty kids and mangy dogs and cheap furniture), and will most likely not make much sense to anyone.  So for the voyeurs out there who don't want to be rallied for a cause or taught something new or have no desire to discuss idealistic points of view - you have found your blog!


  1. good writers know their subjects. You know yours well; that's what makes you a good writer. <3

  2. *cheer* Yay the ramblers! We are people with things to say, too! Even if no-one else (or, for that matter, ourselves) understands WTF we're on about! :oD
    looking forward to it. ;o)
    *hug* XXX

    P.S. Oooh - shiny thing! O_O