Monday, March 7, 2011

The Plan

If you've been around me any time in the passed two weeks, you've probably heard about the road trip I'm planning with my dear friend, Mayor (also known as Jordan Drew).  We leave Saturday morning for a fun filled day of coffee. We're calling our road trip "Coffee Binge 2011" but it's more like a Coffeehouse Crawl. We plan to visit nine coffee shops in one day.  We're starting in Madison and ending up in Augusta.  A trip that normally takes about an hour is gonna take 5 hours; we are zig zagging our way across I-20 as we head east to to our final coffee house. We will be blogging along the way so comeback often to see how caffeine has affected our judgment and typing ability.
I'm sure by the end of the day I'll look like this:
bouncing off the wall Pictures, Images and Photos
Where as Mayor will look like this - straight face. Pictures, Images and Photos 

She's got mad coffee drinking skills and can handle copious amounts of caffeine with little to no effects (unless you count insomnia and heart arrhythmia as effects).   


  1. LOL Can't wait! ::happy dance::

  2. Pictures please!! Maybe some video???

  3. Pictures are a definite, video will depend on how shaky our hands are.