Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Standing out in a crowd. . .

Today my kids and I got to experience being a minority.  After moving here in November, I immediately started looking for a dentist for my kids.  I went online and searched ratings and reviews.  I found a dentist who accepted our insurance and had excellent patient reviews.   After arriving at the dentist office today, I knew it was different from our previous dentist's office in the fact that this was a "grown up" office; it was well decorated, no cartoons on the T.V., and had no children's books in the waiting room. Then I noticed something else. . . we were the only white people in the building.  At first I didn't realize how out of place we were until I started getting strange looks from the other patients who entered the waiting room.  I got the "What the hell is a white person doing here" look.  My kids were totally oblivious to this and after the initial wide eyed shock coming from the black people entering the room, no one commented.  We were there for over an hour (it's not possible to take four kids to the dentist quickly) and during the whole time not a single other white person entered the room.
I do like irony and oddities and have a blast people watching and seeing how basic most people really are.  It never ceases to amuse me that even after so many years of de-segregation and civil rights for all, we, as a society, still somehow "flock" to be with others who look like we do.  And you can't tell me that it's not true, it's just something we in 'politically correct land' don't like to point out.  Drive around with a local in any town and they can point out the White area, Black area, Asian, Mexican, Rich, Poor, etc.  And although we've come a long way in equality for all, we will always build walls between those who are different from us.  The only thing we can do is not let our differences interfere with how we treat others.  No one made us feel uncomfortable in being there today, no one suggested we leave or that we'd be more comfortable at a different office.  And why should they? We were there for the same reason everyone else was. And we will return because my children loved their new dentist and if my kids are happy, I'm happy.

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