Saturday, March 12, 2011

Stops 3, 4, and 5

Phone has died or is too dead to take photos, Mayor said she'd share when she gets home, we just have to hope she doesn't forget!

Coffee shop 3 = Black Bird coffee in Milledgeville, It's Orientation day at Georgia College and state University.  We did not know this when we made our plans.  Everyone in ga seems to bee here today.  Fresh faced highschool students checking out their future playground.  And then there is us - two 30 something moms, one already jittery from two much coffee, one still mostly asleep from lack of coffee and sleep - bet you can guess who is who.  We park around the corner and walked, because it's a B-E-A-UTIFUL day, to BlackBird Coffee.  It is a very cool hipster place to hang out. There's a very bright sky light and black birds everywhere.  But this is where i realized that I didn't have my wallet anymore and had a mini heartattack
until we went back to the car and found it in the floorboard so Yay for no lost wallet, but boo for not being able to hang out in the super cool coffee shop. 

Coffe shop 4 - Jittery Joes in Milledgeville.  After we went back to the car and found my wallet, we drove just around the other corner and walked to Jittery Joes.  This is the coffee shop in the university's bookstore, t's also directly across from the Blackbird coffee shop.  Remember it's orientation day so the bookstore is filled with mom's and dad's who are about to kick their poor baby out of the nest, so we had to push our way through the lines of parents buying "proud to drop my money at this college" shirts just get in coffee shop. This is the first coffee shop with an actual peppy barista. He apparently had been hitting the expresso a little too much this morning and since I too have had a bit too much caffeine the experience was even greater. Although this was the same kind of coffee sold at Spilling the Beans, the coffee tasted better. Plus this place had spinny (not a word but means a chair that spins) chairs and when you've had lots of coffee (or what in my opionion of lots of coffee) and you spin and spin and spin you get a WHOLE LOT OF DIZZY.  and then Mayor says "ok lets go" just so she can see you stumble out of the chair.

Coffee shop 5 was suppose to be "Cafe on the Green" in Greensboro, GA but apparently it doesn't exist any longer.  The sign was there but there was no one home and didn't appear to actually be in business, so instead we went to Huddle house for Lunch and a potty break (Mayor had coffee, I am a wimp and needed to thin my blood with water). and yes that seems like a really long run on sentence but my jittery mind really doesn't care.


  1. Sounds like y'all are having a great time! :)

  2. I was glued to twitter and facebook and here all day!!
    Vicarious caffination! (is that even a word?)
    I want to come next time!

  3. We did have a great time and Bsain I would love for you to do a road trip with us!

  4. Yeah, Cafe on the Green closed up around the holidays. It was a really great place for lunch and is sorely missed here around Lake Oconee!

  5. I wish we had had the opportunity to experience, that whole area looked like it would have been fun place to hang out. And our waitress at Huddle House was AWESOME!