Sunday, March 13, 2011

The last stops of the Day

Number 6 was The Yesterday Cafe in Greensboro, GA.  Downtown Greensboro is cute and quaint and full of shops that I want to stop and visit. It's decorated in old photographs, there is a quote on the far wall that reads "Every picture tells a story" and sure enough under each photo is a placard telling a story of the subjects.  Super friendly staff and excellent cheese cake!  We sat in the front window that over looked a beautiful episcopal church.

The 7th stop was suppose to be a little coffee shop in Washington, GA but it was out of business (Good thing we called first!) so we headed to Augusta for the final stop, well almost final stop, of the evening  We ended at the Bean Baskette in Augusta.  I had a Frappe and Mayor order something with loads of caffeine (cause she's crazy like that) and we sat on couches that rivaled clouds in softness  They were perfect after a long day in a car.  Like several other coffee houses we visited, it was also a bar so there were several people hanging out in that section watching a game.  We hung out here the longest, evidently drinking coffee all day is very tiring.  After an hour or so we decided it was time to head home but first we made one last stop - My mama's house.  It's pretty much a rule that if ever I'm in the same city as she I must visit, and I willing follow that rule. So we stopped by mom's for a quick bite to eat and give lots of hugs.  And of course she's mom so she reminded us to potty before leaving and drive careful, and call when you get there (which I forgot to do so "Hi mom, I made it safely home!")


  1. Wowie! I like coffee but I don't know if I could have had so many in one day.

    You and Mayor are awesomely awesome.

    Guess your mom knew you caffeinated gals needed to use potty. Caffeine IS a diuretic :)

  2. It was a real test of my caffeine endurance. On a normal "coffee" day I only have 2 maybe 3 cups of coffee. Seven is a crazy amount for me.

  3. Agreed, you are both awesomely awesome.

    That was a LOT of caffeine! :) Sounds like a blast of a day! Thanks for taking us along!

  4. There was CHEESECAKE???
    Did either of you sleep yet? How 'bout now? Now?

    Me, next time, I'll road trip it!

  5. There was really good Cheesecake! And yes I slept like a baby. It's amazing that having ingested that much caffeine exhausted me. I almost fell asleep in the car on the ride home