Monday, March 14, 2011

Coffee Binge Roadtrip Overview

Bright and Early Saturday morning, Mayor and I headed out on our Coffee Binge Road trip.  First stop, Perk Avenue in Downtown Madison, GA.  It's only about 20 minutes from my house so the "trip" wasn't too long.  Get more details Here.

Just across I-20 was our second stop of the day; Spilling the Beans in Eatonton, GA.  Again the "trip" wasn't too long because this shop was within 20 miles of the last so we didn't have far to go. This was the first time we had to turn around because nothing is ever where the GPS says it is.  Find out more about that visit Here.

Look it's one of the Spinny Chairs in Jittery Joes!
And then there was Milledgeville.  I've been near Milledgeville, I've been around Milledgeville, but apparently I've never been in Milledgeville, because if I had I'm sure I'd remember this cute cute cute college town. Let me first say that this part of the trip was longer than the others thus far.  We drove through the Lake Oconee area and down back roads.  Saw lots of boaters and campers and happy people enjoying the beautiful weather on Saturday.  Also, by this point our mouths were revved up and yammering away.  If you think you know Mayor, you think she's all quiet behind those dark shades.  If you really know Mayor you know that girl can talk! We were having some lively and fun conversations while traveling those back roads.  If you know me you know I'd talk to a stump and I'm also easily distracted - SQUIRREL! So no matter how deep our discussions were, give us five minutes and we'd be on to a different topic.  One such conversation diversion was when we were driving into Milledgeville, discussing something important for sure when Mayor yells "KIMONO!!" and I'm all "What the Heck are you shouting about?"  Turns out there was a guy walking around in a Kimono. Seriously.  It was orientation day at Georgia College and State University and apparently a young man wanted to be comfortable while walking around the campus.  Being Orientation day, meant there were tons of people around - neither Mayor nor I like crowds but we were dedicated to our coffee binge so we got in the thick of it and found our first of two shops in town.  Read more about Black Bird Coffee and Jittery Joes Here

We were suppose to hit our fifth stop of the day in Greensboro but sadly The Cafe on the Green closed in December so instead we went to the Huddle House.   

From one side of Greensboro to the other.  We headed back across I-20 to downtown Greensboro for our 6th coffee shop of the day.  The Yesterday Cafe was an interesting place in a idyllic downtown setting.  We sat in the window, enjoying cheese cake while watching the world pass by on a Saturday afternoon.
Read about our last stops HERE.

We left Greensboro and headed east for the longest trek of our road trip. We ended up at the Bean Baskette in Evans, where we collapsed on some super comfy couches. 

And that's the wrap up for our CoffeeBinge2011.  It proved that I am indeed a coffee wimp.  I had what amounts to a caffeine hangover Sunday and it made me question if I could ever drink another cup again. Fear not, I did succumb to the want of coffee Sunday night and again Monday morning.  I would gladly do the road trip again because it was a whole lot of fun.

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