Monday, May 9, 2011

The Day the Fairies came out to play!

Today was the annual Fairy House day at Chimney Park in Covington.  Being new to town, this was our first experience at the Fairy House day and boy are we happy we went!  We knew we wanted dress the part so Grandma made dresses with wings for the girls and EVERYONE oohed and aahed over them. So many people asked "Where'd you get those?!"

Chimney park is located behind the Covington library.  On  a normal day there isn't too much to see, just an old house foundation where a chimney stands, the only evidence of a 1920's house that burned years ago.  The rest is just woods, some cleared out spaces, and trails.  But once a year it's transformed into a fairy land where magic and bubbles float on the wind. 

There were so many fun things to do and it only cost $3 to get in! There was: Wing making, headband decorating, create an offering for the fairies, tying wishes to trees, Dancing with bubbles, petting zoo, story time, getting treasures out of the wishing well, and so much more!  We spent well over an hour roaming the area admiring the hand crafted fairy huts and enjoying the day.  Can't wait until next year!

They made offerings to the fairies and placed them in front of their favorite fairy homes.  The offerings were placed in Magnolia leaves.  The leaves were filled with flower petals, glitter, confetti, and sand.

Running through the ribbon tent. . .

Tying Wishes to Trees

Petting Zoo . . .
We have plans to make these! Too cute.

Story Time . . . 

She was enthralled with the story until a lady bug landed on her. . . then her attention was all about the bugs she could find around her. 
They got to fill their bags with treasures - shells, bells, and coins

Pattern for the Wings


  1. Your girls are so adorable! Their grandma did a great job in making them look so festive and magical. :)

  2. Thank You - Grandma is awesome, she can make anything

  3. Dooood, I want to go to a fairy House day! ::jealous:: It looks like y'all had so much fun!!!