Monday, July 18, 2011

Reviews - why I don't like them.

I've never been one to read movie reviews. I don't care how many stars you give a book.  I realized a long time ago that everyone has different tastes and you shouldn't let others dictate the things you like or love, but that doesn't mean I have to like it.  My dislike for others' opinions has become obvious since I've started playing on  This is an awesome site that allows me to explore new authors and connect to books in a way I've never done before.  I've a whole list of books I want to read because of that site.  The only problem I have with it is other people's opinions.  It seems like for every book I like, there are reviews about how horrid the book is and then for books I dislike people are fawning over.  I know that's life - waah waah waah but still I want to bash people in the head.  I have discovered that I can't read reviews before reading the book - it colors my opinion of the book.  I keep expecting that I, too, will become bored with the characters just because someone I don't know became bored and then ranted about it.  And I realize that the life someone is leading when reading a book also affects their opinion of that book and that I should just take all reviews with a grain of salt. . . and yet the head bashing thing.  And I am intelligent enough to know that I should just not read reviews but when there is only one star and you see ALL CAPS, it's like a train wreck right there on the screen; I have to read the anger and resentment the person is pouring out because they wasted time on the book.  And before you ask, no I don't right negative/angry reviews.  I know that my opinion is just that - my opinion - and I don't want to stop someone else from finding something redeeming in a book.  I simply give my stars and walk away.  And no, I don't think that reviews should only be positive.  I just know that I shouldn't read reviews because, regardless of how open minded I am, the truth is I don't like most people's opinions.



  1. I don't do that with movies and books so much, but with gadgets and other things I'm researching before I buy. I tend to read the best ones and the worst ones, and it ends up being a toss up.

  2. "bash their heads in" It's like you're me! in another country and from different parents and all that, but, I can see myself reacting just like that.
    Still haven't seen Avatar coz people raved about it so much.

  3. LMAO - I too refused to see it cause I heard so much about it!