Thursday, July 7, 2011

Everything is OK

I have an app on my phone that scans for issues that could damage my phone.  When there are no problems the status at the top of my phone reads "Everything is OK".  This makes me smile every time I see it; it gives me hope that life is going as planned.  I won't bore you with the tedious tribulations of my day - they aren't that impressive, just life, but it helps make life bearable knowing that "everything is ok."  So often it's easy to focus on what's "not ok" that we lose sight of the fact that really life ain't all that bad. 
 And now for the crazy that is my life. . .
We've had exciting times lately what with our armadillo adventures (for those that don't know Addie found an armadillo at a nearby wildlife area and with no hesitation she ran up to it and started petting it.  Dang thing didn't even react, just sat there letting her pet it like they were old friends.  (and before you say it YES I'm aware they can carry Leprosy and YES we've discussed how running up to wild animals is not the safest course of action, but these things mean nothing to a seven year old nature lover) After a few weeks of us returning to the same location trying to "capture" our new friend, (for the record I was not on board with that plan I was simply the driver of the get away car) one night our friend found us. One evening, Addie was looking out her window and there was an armadillo looking back at her.  Of course we can only conclude that this was the exact same armadillo that she petted and stalked and now it decided to come see where Addie lives.  Maybe it was a sweet poignant moment of two unlikely friends finding each other or it was a warning from the Armadillo saying "Girl I know where you live, bother me again and I'll slit your throat while you sleep" - either way it was exciting times!).   We've also had several snake sightings (one was on the front porch vines), a blue heron in the creek, rabbits, humming birds, lizards, a turtle has taken up residence in the back bushes, frogs that sound like ducks, and the children had discovered the joy of catching crawfish.  Also our morning glories are blooming, the sunflowers are now taller than all of us, the watermelon vine is taking over and the peppers have been producing nicely (it's a pity we don't eat peppers).  I am proud to say that summer is half over and we've had no trips to the hospital (that's always a possibility with so many kids running around).  We have had our first wasp attack of the year. Jasper was running around the yard when he collided with a wasp.  Wasp stung him in the ribs. Jasper was hurt but more so I think he felt betrayed, he kept saying "All I was doing was running, I didn't mess with anything."  I explained that that's how life works, most of the time you're just happily going about your day when BAM! life happens and you end up in pain. 

And for those wondering - cause I haven't mentioned it in a while - Addie's tics have become less noticeable and her speech is improving greatly.  She did have an episode over the weekend while watching fireworks at a local church.  I think the excitement of the night was too much for her.  She was sitting in her daddy's lap when the fireworks started, after a few moments she whispered to him that she had to sit on the ground cause she could feel the tics inside.  She then lay down and closed her eyes for a while.  She never did any obvious tics, but I think she felt jittery and overwhelmed.  After a few moments she sat up and enjoyed the rest of the night. 

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  1. Wow, so much good crazy going on in your neck of the woods. Being a city girl, I'm a bit wary of those critters in the woods - especially snakes! - but do understand the nature lover tendencies. There's one in my family.

    So glad that Addie has a good handle on the tics.