Friday, March 2, 2012

Conversations around the table in the middle of nowhere . . .

This is just one of the many reasons I love my life; we have very educational and interesting dinner conversations.

After completing our customary "good thing / bad thing" around the table, my 5th grade son busted out with a "Did ya' know" about Hitler committing suicide instead of facing the consequences of his actions.  I commented on how he was really just a cowardly bully and that final act confirmed it.  Which led to the 1st grader needing to know the definition of coward.  But the boy brought us back to the topic of Hitler and how weird he was for wanting only blond haired, blue eyed people in the world when he in fact did not fit that bill.  The fourth grader had yet to learn about the horrors of Hitler so my son felt it was his duty to teach his sister about the real monsters of the world.  We discussed his hatred and killing of millions of Jews.  Which led us into a discussion on Judaism.  My son has always been fascinated by the Menorah (not sure if it's because of it's symbolism or because he's a boy and likes fire) and so we got on the discussion on how does one become a Jew.  I mentioned that if your mother is Jewish than you are considered Jewish as well.  The boy made the connection that if that's true then Mary must have been Jewish because Jesus was a Jew.  I said that's true but if you are a follower of Jesus then you are considered a Christian.  My daughter asked "so what do WE believe?" And that's when I explained that "WE" don't believe anything, it's all about what "YOU" believe.  Everyone gets to make that decision on their own.  No one can tell you what to believe.  I told her as you grow and learn about different religions and the beliefs of others then you get to decide what you believe. 
And that is when they realized there was only one slice of bacon left and the fights started. 

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  1. LOL Sounds like our house. ...and that last slice of bacon is mine! All mine!!!