Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Waiting for a Window

Many times in my life I've heard the phrase: "When God closes a door, He opens a window."  I've thought about this phrase several times in the passed year  - this time last year I was preparing to move out of state. I was adjusting to the idea of climbing through the window.  My mind has acted out this phrase for me often, a door slamming shut and disappearing only to be replaced by a window with curtains blowing in the breeze; showing a whole different perspective on a situation than was originally seen.  But it wasn't until recently that life let me see this concept from God's perspective.  You see, we have a very stubborn cat - Cat II.  He likes to get his way and he expects his demands to be met swiftly.  I too am very stubborn and feel that the cat should learn to either come in or go out but shouldn't expect me to constantly open the door for his very fickle self.  With the arrival of spring came the opening of windows in our house.  We have very low windows, just a few inches from the floor, perfect for a cat to climb in and out.   But no, Cat II is apparently "above" going through windows and instead insists upon me opening the door.  I found myself having an argument with the cat (which really made me think that maybe my Crazy Granny wasn't all that crazy).  The cat was sitting outside the back door, which is just one huge wall of glass, and was meowing and pawing the door to come in.  I stood in the living room and pointed to the open window, all Cat II had to do was walk around the house and climb in.  He sat there looking at me as if to say "Woman get off your fat ass and open this door!"  I kept looking at him yelling "Stupid cat, you can see the open window from where you sit! You just have to  walk around the house!"  After saying this several times, it dawned on me that this must be what God feels.  Everyday there is someone standing at the door begging for Her just to open it up and there She is yelling - "Can't you see the open window! You just have to walk around the house!" But no, we humans like easy. We want a big sign. We want the same results but we want them our way. But life doesn't work that way.  Instead of finding the open window we silly humans just keep wandering around and around the house walking past the open windows waiting for the door to be opened. 


  1. Ok in this .. you're gonna get an "Amen" from me.

  2. I love this but I think I have the opposite problem with God. I expected complicated answers to my problems. I would rather attempt to climb up the wall to the barely open attic window than waltz through the doors that have been thrown wide open.